ma 28 feb 2022

My primary message is that we should listen to each individual, find out what his or her talent is and unleash that talent by crafting the workplace around the individual and not the other way around. I will share personal experiences from the past years as a social entrepreneur. After having listened to my talk you will be inspired to start looking at the talent of people that often don’t fit in and unleash their talent by crafting the workplace around them. You will be amazed by what can happen. (bron: TEDxWassenaar)

About Niels van Buren…
Being the first man in the world with MS (multiple sclerosis) to successfully reach the top of Mount Everest, Niels van Buren has a special story to tell. Niels is a motivational speaker since 2016. He is one of the owners of the fast growing social enterprise in the Netherlands called Swink. What makes them unique is that they solely employ people with autism that have a distance to the labor market. They excel in their work due to their extraordinary talents. Finally, Niels is co-founder of the Mission Summit foundation.