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The Wonderful World of Symbols with Piero Ferrucci

za 16 sep 2017

A seminar with theory and practice with psychotherapist en philosopher Dr. Piero Ferrucci from Italy. If you venture in the unfathomable worlds of the mind, it may be useful to be acquainted with symbols: the language of the unconscious. Symbols are present in the way we express ourselves, in dreams, art, politics, advertising, everywhere. They are a door opening a view to novel and ancient knowledge. Symbols serve to structure and direct unconscious energies, they connect us with regions of our being which are not available to our analytical mind. They are a reservoir of revelations, and of valuable use in the field of personal therapy, coaching and human resources. For more than 40 years Piero Ferrucci has been a leading author in Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal and Positive Psychology. In het Nederlands verschenen: Heel je leven; Zeven wegen naar het zelf; Rondleiding in de psychosynthese; Vriendelijkheid, als levenshouding en helende kracht; Wat kinderen ons leren.

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